Government Rankings

The McGuire Group facilities continuously receive outstanding star ratings from the Federal Government, which rates all nursing facilities in the country. To see how we compare to other facilities locally and nation-wide, visit

For the past 8 years, the New York State Department of Health has issued a Nursing Home Quality Initiative that evaluates 600 nursing homes in the state based on quality performance. The reports rank facilities by quintile using a number of measurable quality indicators such as pressure ulcers, falls, catheter use, deterioration in activities of daily living, flu vaccine rates, resident weight loss, rehospitalization rates and more. The McGuire Group’s six facilities are among a shortlist of facilities state-wide that have achieved the top quintile status for 8 consecutive years, with The McGuire Group being the only multi-facility provider in the state to have achieved this milestone. In addition, Brookhaven Health Care Facility is the only facility in Suffolk County to have been listed for 8 consecutive years.

Why is 5-Star Care So Important…

A facility that’s 5-star rated by the federal government is one that’s reflective of a deep-seated commitment to quality at every level within the organization. This culture of quality isn’t something that matures overnight; it’s the result of years, even decades, of planning, projecting and personalizing the types of care and the levels at which they’re delivered. It’s a commitment by the owners to invest in the tools and technology necessary to stay ahead of the curve; it’s a commitment by the managers to continuously seek new and innovate ways to deliver care, motivate staff and introduce best practices; and it’s a commitment by the staff at all levels to continuously improve upon their skills, integrate what they’ve learned and work with a team mentality. Most of all, it’s a collective desire to meet the intrinsic needs of the individuals in our care.

The fact is, there are outstanding caregivers at the 1-star facilities; but these individuals simply can’t do it alone. They need the ongoing and purposeful support of a company that’s committed to delivering 5-star care. It’s because of this very commitment that The McGuire Group’s facilities continuously receive 5-star ratings and are recognized as pioneers in the industry.

The 5-star rating by the federal government is important because it places a quantifiable value on some of the most important aspects of care including a facility’s Department of Health survey, staffing levels and quality measures such as  pressure ulcers, falls, changes in activities of daily living, flu vaccine rates, resident weight loss, rehospitalization rates and more. Facilities with consistently high star ratings demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of what it takes clinically and operationally to achieve and maintain the rankings that are worthy of five stars.

We encourage you to view our facilities’ ratings at and see how we rank among local facilities as well as those at the national level. Finally, we invite you to make an appointment for a personal tour so you can meet our staff and witness our care in action!

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Star Ratings:

Autumn View – 5 stars | Brookhaven – 4 stars | Garden Gate – 5 stars
Harris Hill – 5 stars | Northgate – 4 stars | Seneca – 5 stars