Get Back in the Game with The McGuire Group’s Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation Programs

Get Back in the Game with The McGuire Group’s Orthopedic and Sports Rehabilitation Programs

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If you have an upcoming orthopedic surgery, pre-arranging your stay at a McGuire Rehabilitation Center will put you ahead of the game. Our therapists and medical professionals will work closely with your doctor to make sure your recovery is expedited and maximized. Rather than attempting your treatment at home, you will receive hours of therapy every day, and be able to use the latest equipment available in our facilities. In addition, we also have more than 140 therapy professionals on staff, many of whom have doctoral degrees, specialty certifications and serve as adjunct professors for area colleges. 

Would you like to return to your pastimes quicker and receive the training and treatment you need to make this happen? Then selecting The McGuire Rehabilitation Centers for Subacute Rehabilitation is a wise choice. Our therapists look at your situation holistically for functionality and personal goals. You are involved in the development of a care plan so that our outcomes match your expectations and the treatment is specific to you. For example, if you want to swing a golf club as soon as you can after a joint replacement, having a skilled professional trained in orthopedics and sports rehabilitation can make that happen.

The benefit of working with a McGuire therapist for Subacute Rehabilitation is that you can return to the same facility for Outpatient Rehabilitation when you’re discharged. Our outpatient programs pick right up where our inpatient programs leave off, with little to no down time, as a result of a great continuum of care. Your treatment will be progressed consistently until you have reached full recovery. Our outpatient therapists have vast experience in orthopedics and great relationships with area physicians. They are familiar with your doctor’s protocols and will incorporate their own expertise to specialize a program for you. Our facilities are outfitted with all the necessary equipment to facilitate an appropriate program for your needs.

Our Sport Specific Training program is available with both our inpatient and outpatient programs. It’s not uncommon for our patients to be swinging a golf club in the clinic, having their bowling approach broken down or their tennis swing reviewed after an injury or surgery. In addition to concentrating on your recovery, our sports specific programs also emphasize injury prevention and performance enhancement.

The McGuire Group facilities include: Autumn View in Hamburg, Garden Gate in Cheektowaga, Harris Hill in Williamsville, Northgate in North Tonawanda and Seneca in West Seneca.  Visit or call (716) 826-2010.

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