Harris Hill Residents Pack Backpacks for Students

Harris Hill Residents Pack Backpacks for Students

For more information, please contact: Dawn Harsch, communications director at (716) 479-3865

Residents Kevin McCabe (left) and Russell Gerardi have a mountain of supplies to sort through.

Nancy Cassick, Assistant Activity Director and resident Rose McCarthy are ready to pack!

Residents at Harris Hill Nursing Facility in Lancaster helped usher the kids back to school this fall by donating stuffed backpacks filled with school supplies. The facility held a supply drive throughout the summer and received a generous amount of items. The residents donated the packs and supplies to the Response to Love Center in Buffalo and were happy to be part of an activity that gave back to the community. There was a lot of laughter and joy as they prepared the bags and reminisced about the “good old days of school.” Harris Hill Nursing Facility provides subacute and outpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing care, palliative care and respite/short-term care. The facility continuously receives 5-star ratings from the federal government and finished in the first quintile of NY State’s quality benchmarking pool for 5 out of 5 years. For more information visit www.mcguiregroup.com .

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