Dialysis Den at Northgate Healthcare Facility

The McGuire Group’s Northgate Health Care Facility is pleased to offer in-house dialysis services to short-term rehab patients and long-term residents.

Our program involves a 5-day gentle dialysis protocol with treatments lasting roughly 3 hours each day. This offers greater flexibility and more time for therapy, leisure activities, and rest. Our unique program differs from the traditional 3-day schedule that many dialysis-dependent individuals follow.

Most importantly, with the program in-house, you never have to leave the comfort of the facility for treatment. Once you’re ready for discharge, our team will assist in reestablishing you back at your previous dialysis center.

Benefits of In-House Dialysis

  • More frequent dialysis can lead to a less restrictive diet for patients
  • More frequent dialysis can lead to a reduction of certain blood pressure and heart medications
  • More frequent dialysis can lead to an increase in daily activities/functions for LTC patients
  • In-facility dialysis offers patients stability so that they can maximize their rehab therapy from 1-2 days per week to 5 days per week
  • No more dialysis “hangover”
  • More frequent vascular access results in more proper vascular access care, i.e. less clotting and infections
  • Our (Dialyze Direct) dialysis machines are individualized per patient until they discharge from the facility
  • No long transportation trips
  • Heated and reclining treatment chairs located in an intimate setting
  • Dialysis can also be administered in a patient’s bed if transfer to a chair is contraindicated
  • RN is always on-site


Our Dialysis Den was designed with your comfort, convenience, and care in mind. This specialized area features heated reclining seats, a flat-screen television, and comfortable surroundings. Best of all, you never have to leave our facility to get the state-of-the-art treatment you require.


  • Physicians & Nephrologists
  • Infectious Disease Specialists
  • Licensed Nurses
  • Rehabilitation Therapists
  • Certified Nursing Assistants

The following documents are required for admission to the dialysis program:

  • Most recent hemodialysis treatment flow sheets, with blood pressure readings at 15 or 30-minute intervals throughout the treatment session (last 3 flowsheets are requested).
  • Blood work report within 7 days (including Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, Potassium)
  • Nephrology History & Physical (H&P), with patient’s renal diagnosis
    • Option 1: H&P from a nephrologist
    • Option 2: H&P from other specialists
    • PLUS nephrology consult/progress notes
  • Hospital face sheet
    • Insurance information, SSN, demographics (race/sex/marital status), address, emergency contact, known allergies, POA information (if relevant)


Northgate accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurances. Our professional staff will assess your insurance needs and assist you in maximizing your coverage.

A Medicaid Specialist will help you protect your assets and file your application if needed. There is no need to incur the expense of an attorney.