Orthopedic Rehab

The McGuire Group’s orthopedic rehabilitation programs offer patient-focused therapy plans designed to treat injuries to the musculoskeletal system – including bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles – and return them to a state of smooth mobility and independence. If you have had a joint replacement (including hip, knee or elbow), fracture, motor vehicle accident, spinal injury, amputation or osteoporosis you are an ideal candidate for this program.

As a patient, you will undergo a combination of treatment regimens, as well as physical and occupational therapies, designed to return you to your highest level of functioning as soon as possible.

Our orthopedic rehabilitation programs are administered under the direction of a board-certified physiatrist who works in conjunction with your primary care physician and surgeon.

Once our orthopedists have conducted a thorough examination to determine your level of functioning, they will set reachable goals and develop an intensive treatment plan tailored to your present and future abilities. Our goal-oriented approach to orthopedic recovery heeds to your capabilities while restoring your physical functioning, building strength and endurance, improving balance and optimizing your overall mobility.

Our specialized orthopedic rehab equipment includes:

  • CPM Machines
  • Electronic Stimulation Equipment
  • Parallel Bars
  • Pulley Systems
  • Recumbent Bikes
  • Stairs
  • Treadmills
  • Weight Lifting Equipment
  • Whirlpool Baths
  • Ultrasound

Orthopedic rehab is provided at all McGuire Group facilities, offering a convenient option for reclaiming your mobility and independence.

If you are pre-planning an orthopedic rehabilitation stay, we encourage you to visit our facilities, speak with your doctor and request a WRITTEN ORDER to The McGuire Group.