24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care

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All of The McGuire Group facilities offer 24-hour skilled nursing care and are are covered by Medicare and Medicaid. This means they’re licensed health care facilities, and are inspected and regulated by the New York State Department of Health.

Our skilled nursing programs are ranked among the highest quality programs in the nation.  Our facilities continuously receive five stars out of five from the federal government and have been ranked as Top Performing facilities in New York State. To learn more, visit www.medicare.gov to see our star rankings and how we compare to other facilities nation-wide.

From 24-hour skilled nursing care, to our state-of-the-art rehabilitative programs, we’re focused on being your first and best choice.

Along with our standard amenities, skilled nursing residents enjoy:

  • Enhanced staff-to-patient ratio
  • Comprehensive therapy and rehabilitation programs
  • A philosophy of restraint reduction/avoidance
  • Dietician-directed nutrition plans

At The McGuire Group, we’ve found that transitions into a nursing home are easier when you’re knowledgeable about the options that exist. While each individual’s situation is unique, it’s wise to conduct research and tour nursing facilities before the need arises or before a crisis occurs. You will gain the benefit of time by proactively conducting research so that you’re prepared and can make a decision with peace of mind.

Be sure to determine if nursing home care is appropriate for your loved one, ask yourself the following:

  • Can my loved one accomplish daily tasks such as cooking, bathing and self-medicating?
  • Is my loved one requiring more care and services than I can provide?
  • Has there been an acute injury or illness that my loved one will not fully recover from?
  • Is my loved one showing signs of memory loss?
  • Is my loved one in danger by living alone?
  • Does my loved one require 24-hour care?

It’s wise to visit a number of nursing homes in order to make a well-informed and educated decision. While touring, pay close attention to how you’re greeted by the staff, how they interact with the residents and each other, whether there are any odors, if pets and children are welcome in the building, if outdoor areas are neat and well-kept, and if there are plenty of areas for indoor socializing.

Make an appointment to stop by the nursing facilities during different times of the day in order to form a solid, well-rounded opinion about the quality of care observed. It’s also important to speak with the facility’s admissions coordinator. This individual will be able to provide you with information regarding bed availability, levels of service, specialized programs and answers to questions about private payment, Medicare or Medicaid.

Be sure to determine if a facility is Medicare/Medicaid approved. Some facilities are private pay-only, which means when the funds run out, your loved one may have to be relocated to a different facility.

Finally, utilize subjective feelings to determine whether a facility is right for your loved one. The atmosphere throughout the building should be one of happiness, respect, dignity and above all else, quality of care.

We encourage you to call us directly or make an appointment for a personal tour. You may also fill out an application online to see if The McGuire Group has the right care for you or your loved one.